What was the biggest fire in the history of Greenville?
The City of Greenville has experienced several large fires in its history.
Several of these notable fires are:

• Palais Garden, Wayne Street, January 23, 1929 – one boy killed
• Sherman-White Poultry Plant, December 12, 1932 – Firefighter George E. Grossman killed in the line of duty
• Treaty Co. Foundry, Gray Avenue, July 14, 1941
• Producer's Creamery, Gray Ave., March 6, 1947 – 3 killed, 1 injured
• Cedar Point Auto Wrecking Co., 36 East, April 6, 1948
• Fairgrounds Secretary's Office, December 3, 1949
• Greenville Country Club, 36 East, January 30, 1951
• Treaty Company, Gray Avenue, April 23, 1951
• Fairgrounds Stock Pavilion, February 14, 1954
• Fairgrounds Horse Barn, March 2, 1954
• Hobart Brothers, Martin Street, December 4, 1957
• Basil Grubbs, Hall Street, May 3, 1966
• Darke County Tile Mill, Chestnut Street, August 13, 1976
• Darke County Home, 127 South, August 13, 1976
• Residential Fire, Martin and Warren Streets, February 14, 1991 – 4 Firefighters’ trapped and rescued via ladder
• Residential Fire, 112 Montgomery Street, September 16, 2007 – 5 killed, 4 injured
• Warehouse Fire, 126 West Third Street, July 16, 2010 – Arson fire, two person’s convicted

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13. What was the biggest fire in the history of Greenville?
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