Last year my husband and I filed separate Greenville returns; this year we would like to file jointly. Can this be done?
Yes. A husband and wife may, in any tax year, elect to file separate or joint returns. However, we suggest filing joint, for example if you are late you could be charged late fees for two accounts instead of one. It also gets confusing having more than one account. For more information, please call the Income Tax Department at 937-548-5747.

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1. What is the City of Greenville Income Tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
2. Who is required to file a Greenville income tax return?
3. I am not a resident of Greenville, but I maintain a Greenville address as my permanent residence; am I required to file?
4. Are students exempt from the tax?
5. Are retired persons required to pay the tax?
6. Do I need to file a Greenville return if I was only a part year resident?
7. I live with and am supported by a family member/friend; do I need to file?
8. All my income was from wages that were fully withheld upon; do I still have to file a return since I don't think I will owe any money?
9. I reside in Greenville but I am employed in another city and pay tax there; how does that work?
10. I just moved to Greenville and already you have sent me a questionnaire to fill out. I don't need to file yet so why do I have to send this form in? And why would you want to know my date of birth?
11. I made all four quarterly payments on my declaration; is it necessary to file a return?
12. My Greenville tax return has a balance due (line 9) of $10.00, do I need to pay this?
13. I owe Greenville City taxes but I am unable to pay my full liability at the time my return is due; should I still file my return?
14. Can I file my Greenville tax return electronically?
15. I had a federal extension but got a notice from Greenville that I owed a late filing fee. Why is this?
16. I am a renter and do not own any real estate in Greenville, do I still have to file a Greenville income tax return?
17. Last year my husband and I filed separate Greenville returns; this year we would like to file jointly. Can this be done?
18. What schedules or supporting documents should I attach to my return?
19. How do I know that the federal tax information I submit with my return will remain confidential?
20. Is it possible to amend my estimate during the year?
21. I live in Greenville and have W-2 wages and also some self-employment income, which is a loss; do I need to show the loss on my Greenville return?
22. When can I expect my refund?
23. I'm starting a business, what do I need to do about city taxes?
24. I'm self-employed but my business has not shown a profit; am I required to file a return with Greenville?
25. Do you accept credit cards?
26. Can someone help me prepare my city tax return?
27. What are the top ten mistakes people make in filing?