I made all four quarterly payments on my declaration; is it necessary to file a return?
Yes. The quarterly payments are only an estimate of what you think you will make. Your final tax liability will be determined by the total of all W-2 wages in addition to any other taxable income you may have. For more information, please call the Income Tax Department at 937-548-5747.

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1. What is the City of Greenville Income Tax rate and what type of income is taxable?
2. Who is required to file a Greenville income tax return?
3. I am not a resident of Greenville, but I maintain a Greenville address as my permanent residence; am I required to file?
4. Are students exempt from the tax?
5. Are retired persons required to pay the tax?
6. Do I need to file a Greenville return if I was only a part year resident?
7. I live with and am supported by a family member/friend; do I need to file?
8. All my income was from wages that were fully withheld upon; do I still have to file a return since I don't think I will owe any money?
9. I reside in Greenville but I am employed in another city and pay tax there; how does that work?
10. I just moved to Greenville and already you have sent me a questionnaire to fill out. I don't need to file yet so why do I have to send this form in? And why would you want to know my date of birth?
11. I made all four quarterly payments on my declaration; is it necessary to file a return?
12. My Greenville tax return has a balance due (line 9) of $10.00, do I need to pay this?
13. I owe Greenville City taxes but I am unable to pay my full liability at the time my return is due; should I still file my return?
14. Can I file my Greenville tax return electronically?
15. I had a federal extension but got a notice from Greenville that I owed a late filing fee. Why is this?
16. I am a renter and do not own any real estate in Greenville, do I still have to file a Greenville income tax return?
17. Last year my husband and I filed separate Greenville returns; this year we would like to file jointly. Can this be done?
18. What schedules or supporting documents should I attach to my return?
19. How do I know that the federal tax information I submit with my return will remain confidential?
20. Is it possible to amend my estimate during the year?
21. I live in Greenville and have W-2 wages and also some self-employment income, which is a loss; do I need to show the loss on my Greenville return?
22. When can I expect my refund?
23. I'm starting a business, what do I need to do about city taxes?
24. I'm self-employed but my business has not shown a profit; am I required to file a return with Greenville?
25. Do you accept credit cards?
26. Can someone help me prepare my city tax return?
27. What are the top ten mistakes people make in filing?