Architectural Review District (ARD)

The City of Greenville is proud of our Historic Downtown District, and in order to maintain this unique feature we have enacted an Architectural Review District. The purpose of this downtown overlay governance is to preserve, protect and enhance the distinctive historical character of buildings within the district. This is aided by an established Architectural Review Board necessitating a Certificate of Appropriateness be obtained prior to exterior development of the structure

These standards are intended to direct the property owner in the design of building and signage improvements. They will be applied by the City of Greenville Architectural Review Board in evaluation of applications for a certificate of appropriateness.

Goals for these reviews are to:

• Promote historic preservation and economic development
• Preserve and restore historically & architecturally significant buildings
• Protect property values and encourage the viability of building usage in the district
• Promote retail, trade, tourism and professional business with effective reuse of structures, interiors and atmosphere

ARD Boundaries
ARD Certificate of Appropriateness (application)
ARD Design Guidelines