Objectives & Things to Remember

Important Objectives

  • Providing transportation for education is an important service that Greenville Transit System (GTS) provides.
  • Providing non-emergency medical transportation is an important part of GTS’s transportation.
  • Maintaining the quality of life we all expect by scheduling trips which bring families together and by providing transportation services which maintains your individual freedom of travel throughout the city. This includes shopping, appointments and recreation.
  • Providing transportation services to move people from welfare to productive careers is another aspect of public transportation. GTS is committed to providing the means to get to work for all of our city residents.

Things to Remember When Using the GTS

  • Your ride may be in conjunction with other customers.  We are a shared-ride service.
  • Because we are a shared service, please be aware of personal hygiene on your person and any equipment including wheelchairs, scooters, carts or wagons.  Strong perfume is discouraged as many have allergies.
  • The first week of the month is our busiest time. This may require a longer wait time for your rides.  You may want to consider booking your trips later in the month if this is an issue.
  • We schedule your trip to ensure that the system can provide rides for all the customers requesting rides.
  • Your trip may not be the most direct route to your destination; we may need to pickup other customers along the way. What a great way to meet new people!
  • The fare that you pay is only a portion of the actual cost of providing the service. For this reason we must be as efficient and professional as possible in scheduling multiple trips on the same bus.
  • Because we arrive at your home, we need to be able to locate your address, please keep your address clearly marked on your mailbox and or home.
  • Remember that the bus may arrive 15 minutes before or after your scheduled pickup time, so please be patient.
  • A scheduler/dispatcher will schedule your trip into the computer system, and the next thing you know, one of our smiling employees will be arriving at your location to take you on your trip.
  • There may be a few other questions that the scheduler/dispatcher will ask, but that is only to serve you in the most professional manner possible.
  • Please make sure your sidewalks and any wheelchair ramps are clear of snow or ice and safe for both the rider and the driver. Unsafe ramps will not be used.
  • If you require oxygen, it is your responsibility to be sure you have enough oxygen for the entire trip keeping in mind that we are a shared service.
  • Due to scheduling issues, we can no longer accept all requests to have the driver wait while you run in to quickly pick up something.  These requests often take much more time than expected and cause delays to other passengers.
  • NO food or beverages consumed on the vehicles; no smoking or flammable items.
  • Fares must be paid before the vehicle leaves the pick-up point:  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A trip to the bank to get money for your transportation is considered a delivered trip and you will be charged.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.  
  • We do not provide car seats.  It is up to the adult riding with the child to furnish the car seat and to buckle the minor into it.