Civil Service Commission
The Greenville Civil Service Commission is responsible for determining the procedures and materials to be used when recruiting, selecting, and promoting employees. The Commission is comprised of three members of the community, all of which are subject to a comprehensive set of statutes and administrative rules which promote fairness within the selection process. The Chief of Police will coordinate recruiting and selection activities with the Civil Service Commission.

Recruitment Plan
The Greenville Police Department has ethnic and gender composition in the sworn law enforcement ranks in approximate proportion to the makeup of the available workforce in the law enforcement agency’s service community, and maintains a recruitment plan. The recruitment plan includes the following elements:
  1. Statement of objective
  2. Plan of Action designed to achieve the objectives.
  3. Procedures to periodically evaluate the progress toward objectives and revise/reissue the plan.
The objectives of the Greenville Police Department’s recruitment plan are reasonable, obtainable, and directed toward the goal of achieving a sworn workforce that is representative of the composition of the community it serves.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The Greenville Police Department has an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan that ensures equal opportunities for employment and employment conditions for minority persons and women.

Recruitment/Selection Activities
Job announcements will be posted in the news media and given to community organizations and key leaders. (See Ohio Revised Code Section 124.23 – Notice Procedures, and Section 124.41 – Qualifications for Appointments to Police Department).
Applications for positions are not rejected because of minor omissions or deficiencies that can be corrected prior to the testing or interview process.


Persons wishing to be considered for a position with the Greenville Police Department must complete and return an application during the time frame established in the job announcement. The Mayor’s Office of the City of Greenville will collect applications for the Greenville Civil Service Commission.

Written Test
Applicants must successfully complete the written civil service test. A minimum score of 70% must be achieved to pass the written test. Applicants with a minimum score of 70% may receive up to a 20% bonus credit for military service, OPOTA certification, and/or a college degree. The results of the written test and the credit will determine the order of rank on the eligibility list which will determine who is eligible to be hired.

Background Check
Applicants will be required to complete a Personal History Questionnaire, which will be the basis for the background investigation. Applicants must provide truthful information on the Questionnaire. Failure to provide truthful information will be the basis for removing the applicant from the certified list. At a minimum, the Greenville Police Department will verify the applicant’s qualifying credentials, review the applicant’s criminal record, verify at least three personal references, and thoroughly review the Personal History Questionnaire. Applicants may be removed from consideration for the position for the reasons outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 124.25. Those reasons are as follows:
  1. Lack of qualifying credentials for the position
  2. Addiction or habitual use of alcohol or drugs of abuse
  3. Poor work habits or performance from previous employers
  4. Felony convictions
  5. Infamous or notoriously disgraceful conduct
  6. Dismissal from civil service for delinquency or misconduct
  7. Falsification or deception during the selection process
Oral Interview
Applicants will be required to attend oral interviews. Applicants will be notified of the time, date, and place of the oral interviews by the Greenville Police Department. Applicants cannot be removed from the certified list for doing poorly on the interviews. However, the interviews will be used to evaluate the following criteria:
  1. Appearance
  2. Manner and bearing
  3. Ability to present ideas
  4. Alertness
  5. Self-confidence
  6. General evaluation
Medical Examination
Applicants who are seriously being considered for employment will be required to pass a medical examination prior to being hired. This examination will be used to identify any medical problems that might inhibit work performance, shorten a career, or contribute to work-related disabilities.

Psychological Evaluation
Applicants who are seriously being considered for employment will be required to complete a psychological examination prior to being hired. A psychological examination designed to assess the emotional stability and psychological fitness of the applicant will be conducted.

Polygraph Examination
Applicants who are seriously being considered for employment shall be used as an investigative aid. Admissions made during pretest or post-test interviews, together with other information, may be sufficient to support decisions relevant to employment status. Deception to relevant questions during any part of the polygraph examination that is corroborated by other investigative means may eliminate the applicant from further consideration.

Estimated Duration of the Selection Process
  • Application 3 weeks
  • Written Test 1 week
  • Typing Test (if required) 2 weeks
  • Background Investigation 8 weeks
  • Oral Interview 2 weeks
  • Medical Examination 1 week
  • Psychological Examination 1 week
  • Polygraph Examination 1 week
The above time frames are estimates. Some parts of the selection process may progress faster or slower than expected.

Oath of Office
Prior to assuming a sworn status, all applicants appointed to a sworn position will be required to take an Oath of Office.

Probationary Period
Prior to assuming a permanent status, all applicants appointed to a position within the Greenville Police Department must successfully complete a probationary period. The probationary period is one year for sworn members, and 6 months for non-sworn members.

Entry-Level Training
The Greenville Police Department requires each sworn officer to complete a basic peace officer training course approved by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council. This course will be completed according to guidelines established in the Ohio Revised Code Section 109.79.

Field Training Program
The length of the Greenville Police Department Field Training will be at the discretion of the Field Training Officer (FTO) and the Chief of Police. The field training will last a minimum of four weeks beyond the classroom work listed previously.

Re-Application, Re-Testing, & Re-Evaluation
Unsuccessful applicants may reapply and go through the selection process in the future if another opening exists. Unsuccessful applicants who were withdrawn from consideration for reasons discussed in the Background Investigation section may be eliminated from consideration for the same reasons if those reasons continue to exist.

Pre-Application Contact Forms
Those interested in a position with the Greenville Police Department may complete a Pre-Application Contact Form. This form will be maintained on file, and, in the event an employment opportunity becomes available, a notice will be sent to the applicant. When a notice is sent, the applicant will be required to complete a Civil Service Employment Application, and any other requirements of the selection process.

The Pre-Application Contact Form will be kept for one year, or until the notice is sent, whichever comes first. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to keep the address and phone numbers on the form up-to-date. If a change in either occurs, an updated form should be completed.