Fire Department


The mission of the Greenville Fire Department is to protect the citizens of the City of Greenville and their property from the ravages of fires and explosions, the threat of hazardous material releases and any other emergencies or disasters, man-made or natural, that pose a threat to their health, welfare, and safety in cooperation with other emergency response agencies where and when assistance may be needed.


City Statistics

  • Population: 12,743 (2020 Census)
  • Coverage Area: 6.60 square miles
  • ISO Rating: Class 4
  • Number of Stations: 1
  • Personnel: 18 full-time, 3 admin, and 2 paid-per-call

Response Statistics

  • 2021 Runs: 684
  • Structure Fires: 32
  • Mutual Aid: 13
  • Average Response Time: 4:42 minutes (includes emergency and non-emergency responses)